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The CCGA is a global collaborative effort to describe clinical context-based knowledge for gene- and chromosome-level abnormalities observed in cancer.


  • Provide a centralized resource of genetic correlates for pathologic entities, structured based on current disease-level WHO classification system, with direct links to significant internal and external site content.
  • Support real-time updating and sharing of clinically relevant content that is peer-reviewed and easily searchable.
  • Engage community experts and their trainees in curating, updating and utilizing content.
  • Include cancer variant knowledge identified through diverse methods and across multiple disciplines.
  • Facilitate building educational content that describes the latest advancements in the field.


The global hub for clinical cancer genomic aberrations.


The CCGA is a Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC)-supported resource.


Meet our Editorial Leadership, CCGA Workgroup Members and Communications Liaison.